Véronique Porter

Véronique Porter is a French-American painter born in Lyon, France and residing in both Vence, France and Laguna Beach, California. She runs Sanctuary for the Artist with great joy, seeking to share with individuals her passion about this beautiful region. Her painting has evolved through the years in an abstraction of the landscape or figure, she uses bright oil colours. She exhibits her works in Laguna Beach, New York and Vence.

Véronique has been practicing yoga for the past 30 years. Véronique exults a deep love and enthusiasm for all limbs of Yoga and is committed to sharing its bountiful therapeutic benefits in her retreats teaching from an Iyengar background.

As a life coach trained with Tony Robbins and her work with shamanic teachers she is prepared to create a nurturing environment for her guests to blossom.

Visiting Teachers and Retreat Leaders

Susan Hough

Susan is a CTI Life Coach with a BSW and over thirty years of experience in the traditional therapeutic healing fields- specializing in working with women, families and teens. She has completed healing and ritual trainings with Mietek Wierkus, Mary Branch Grove, Jennifer Halls, and the Internationally renowned African Spiritualist, Sobonfu Some’, who was considered one of the foremost voices in African Spirituality. Susan is a graduate of Sobonfu's, Ritual Healing Village, and was mentored by the Author and Ritualist, for 18 years. Susan combines traditional training with a connection to spirit and indigenous wisdom, in her transformational Coaching.


Amy Jackson

“Immersed in the elements of daily life, looking deep into everyday actions. Those spaces that absorb so much of our day but pass unexamined.  We will find joy in awakening to the life that surrounds us in the village of Vence.   The contemplation of nature and meditation on the landscape are central to our plein air painting workshop.  Capturing the instant... Diving into sparks of light and shadow, exploring natural and urban rhythms , painting outdoors alla prima! .Amy Jackson's works are in many private and corporate collections. She is a member of the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, SoCal Papa, and participates in exhibitions throughout Southern California and the South of France.  Jackson developed an innovative art education method, “Art Studio Education” where the classroom is transformed into an artist studio. She teaches art in several Orange County schools as well as art workshops in her private studio/gallery “Birch Studio” in Newport Beach. 

Chloe Porter

Chloe is an avid Yoga practitioner and dedicated teacher since 2007. Originally trained in Vinyasa Flow Yoga she is now greatly influenced by the teachings of BKS Iyengar introduced to her by her mum. Chloe teaches with a lot of love and compassion, greatly caring for her students both on and off the mat. She is a nutritionist and health coach and works with her clients to create healthier and more balanced lifestyles. You can read more about her and her work on her website Avec Chloé. Her work takes her all over the world running Yoga retreats with Christian, her husband and their business Yoga Healing Nature.

Christian Gentile

Christian is a qualified Elemental Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Thai Massage Expert and Healthy Chef. With over 10 years of experience as a wellness professional he has joined his knowledge of the 5 Elements to his work in Yoga, Food and Massage. Christian has a rebalancing and therapeutic approach to Yoga. Through his sequences of asana pranayama and meditation he enables you to understand your own imbalances and he gives clear and simple methods to work on them. He is the Founder of Yoga Healing Nature through which he creates healing yoga retreats and Thai massage courses around the world. He spends his time between Nicaragua, India, Italy and France, connecting and learning from mother nature.


Jean-Charles is our dedicated French Chef for our retreat weeks. He has been cooking since he was a child and has worked as a private chef and pizza master between Courchevel and the French Riviera for the last 20 years. His food is delicious bringing a twist to some of the most popular French dishes.